How to Start Your Family Tree

Genealogy is an fascinating search into your ancestry .  Some of your genealogy research will be easy, and parts will be more difficult.   Along the way you will wonder if anything is accurate as you grow your genealogy know how.

Legal and census documents may have misspelled  or incorrect names, errors or wrong dates in places of origin .  As a investigator, you will have to question the documentation to determine whether or not the proof is accurate .

People study their family history for many different reasons.  Some wish to join patriotic organizations, which need a proven lineage.  Some do it for secular reasons.  Others for health reasons, trying to trace medical issues through ancestry .  Perhaps the individual wishes to leave a legacy for offspring. Most begin genealogy because they are fascinated with the study of their family tree .  For whatever reason it becomes a captivating project.

There is a difference between a family history and a genealogy .   A genealogy is a collection of names, dates, and places .  A family history can include the personal family stories that add richness to the genealogy . 

The most common question for those new to genealogy is “How do I begin ?”  

Start with yourself – work from the known to the unknown , gathering evidence each step of the way.  Be objective and be organised.

There are several tools to get you started on your quest  to genealogy know how.  These include pedigree charts, family group sheets,  and basic filing and information organizational techniques. You will learn search techniques and will become familiar with family tree databases.

Enroll in a beginner’s genealogy class to learn how to be productive with a genealogy project.  Learning from experts will show you where to start and how to reduce your research time.

Learn what resources and relevant maps to have in your library . Locate local libraries, genealogical and history archives . 

Collect family papers , legal documents, census records , oral stories , photos , jewlery, pins, medals, ribbons, birth and wedding announcements , death notices , obituaries, holiday reminders and cards , scrapbooks and souvenirs .

Become excited, wonderous and filled with awe as you increase your genealogy skills and build your family tree.  

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