Why It’s Important to Record Your Family’s History

Pioneer Transcription Services is now offering oral history transcription services to people who wish to keep the stories of their family members. The company has been transcribing oral histories for historians, authors and professional companies for nearly  two decades. The focus on offering this service directly to individuals who want to keep their families’ histories came about when one of the company’s  owners, Deborah Devitt, received a cassette tape her mother and father had made many years previously with her paternal grandmother. Sadly , the cassette tape had deteriorated over the years and there was never a transcript created. While the company created a digital audio file and transcribed the interview before more deterioration could occur, “I do not want others to lose the stories that are important to their families,” Ms. Devitt states.

People are conducting interviews with all kinds of different relatives from grandparents, to great aunts and uncles, to cousins, to brothers and sisters, et cetera.

Digital recorders are now very reasonably priced, which allows more people to record their families’ stories. These electronic audio files can be easily shared with other family members and won’t deteriorate over time. Many people are setting up interviews with their relatives, using questions they’ve found on the internet or that they think up their own.

Pioneer Transcription Services realized there is a growing desire to have written transcripts of these interviews. “Our service is easy to utilize and accessible to everyone,” states Ms. Devitt. “A direct link for upload is right on our website.” Once uploaded clients just wait for their transcript to be returned to them. They are then free to share the transcript with other family members and friends or to use it in any way they deem proper. “Plus, these are our favorite things in the world to transcribe, ” added Ms. Devitt.



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