Selling Roots

Last year , I started researching my family’s history. I thought it would be a productive way to spend some leisure hours, and would be a real blessing to my folks , not to mention providing something for us to talk about. To my surprise, I found vast satisfaction in the research. It was like hunting for treasure , and I was very good at it. On my grandma’s side, I was able to connect the dots, finding ancestor after ancestor all the way to William the Conqueror — I’m directly descended! Shortly after I got all this done, I explained my research to some friends, and they asked if I could perchance try to trace their family lines. I did, and not just a little. I’ve traced their families back to the 1600s in certain branches . Not only that, but both my friends and their parents started getting truly excited about the research, and it has served as a reconnection point for them just as it did for mine.

With the extreme success I’ve seen, and the enjoyment I get out of the process, I’ve decided to start marketing my genealogy research skills. My friend David’s truly the one that urged me to market my skills. His boost has got me to thinking that this may actually work, and I’m very excited. So how to start? Providentially, my other friend owns a company thatprovides custom search engine optimization services. They do a lot of work with ecommerce companies, with packes (explained here) tailor-made specifically to their needs. Once I get my site up and running, he plans to help me out. He says that right now I need to be discovering the market and building a brand, even before I start selling my services. So I’ll be starting a blog and actively using social networking sites. I’m also going to, with my friends, help, work on viral video marketing (though nothing like the extensive services they often provide). And we’ll see where things go from there. If this does work, it’d be great to have my own business that I can put hard work into growing.

Genealogy References