Track All Your Family Members Family history and ancestors Via Deeds

Land Data for example property tax lists, deeds and deed indexes rewind further soon enough that any other kind of ancestry and genealogy research document. Deeds will assist you to discover your history. Deeds may offer proof of family history and ancestors relationships, names of neighbors, the time an ancestor was living in an area, given name of the female spouse, approximate dates of death and many other useful clues. The Homestead Act of 1862 enabled approximately 800,000 citizens or intended citizen to become landowners. Numerous states had their own personal land lotteries starting within the 1700’s to bring individuals to new area and help establish communities.

Why Land Data?
Tracing males is easier than women of all ages. This is due in large part to many additional obtainable records for guys, for example railroad, military services, voters, tax, and deed records. It truly is estimated that 90% of the adult white man population owned land.

Land records for example property tax lists, deeds, and real estate trades rewind further soon enough than any other document utilized for ancestry and genealogy research. Particular Scandinavian land records date back to 950 A.D. In this country, land ownership has always been essential. If a courthouse was destroyed, the deed records were reconstructed by local authorities shortly afterwards.

Ahead of 1860, census records only list head of household. If you discover a land document, it might have much more than 1 loved one listed, which can assist in completing missing family info. If you’ll be able to discover any kind of land document for your ancestors, it’ll offer evidence of where an ancestor lived and then for the time.

Land Definitions
A Warrant -Is the first document within the land grant process. Warrants were issued to soldiers for service in numerous wars, including the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. The warrant might be assigned or sold to somebody aside from the individual granted the warrant prior to the land was surveyed.

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